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HID (HIGH INTENSITY DISCHARGE ) are a type of electrical gas-discharge lamp which produces light by means of an electric arc between tungsten electrodeshoused inside a translucent or transparent fused quartzor fused alumina arc tube. This tube is filled with both gas and metal salts. The gas facilitates the arc's initial strike. Once the arc is started, it heats and evaporates the metal salts formingplasma, which greatly increases the intensity of light produced by the arc and reduces its power consumption. High-intensity discharge lamps are a type ofarc lamp.

High-intensity discharge lamps make more visible light per unit of electric power consumed than fluorescent and incandescent lamps since a greater proportion of their radiation is visible light in contrast to infrared.

Ref: http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=High-intensity_discharge_lamp&oldid=600936731

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